Monday, 7 April 2014

Using Sheena Douglass A4 embossing folders in the Grand Calibur

Last week I had a lovely surprise. This delivery from Crafter's companion!

It was a fantastic giveaway from Crafter's Inspiration issue 3 and I couldn't wait to use it - only one problem: the A4 embossing folders wouldn't fit in my Grand Calibur!

The reason was that the version of the Grand Calibur that I have has sides to its pull out feeder tray so that a sheet of A4 card etc just fits and there are side tabs on the Sheena embossing folders that make the A4 folders wider than A4.

Fortunately I vaguely remembered Sheena saying on Create and Craft that the tray could be removed so that the folders could be used. I looked for instructions and found that Create and Craft themselves provide instructions for the removal of the tray. Their newer machines with their own brand name on them don't have this problem as the new style of feeder tray does not have the sides to it.

I clamped the machine to a small table using the suction pad and pulled...and pulled...and pulled... The machine spun round on the table but the tray would not come out. Eventually my fingers hurt too much to tug any more so I got a screwdriver and levered each side slightly inwards (placing the screwdriver in the gap between the machine and the tray side). Yay! The tray was now out and neither the tray nor the machine were damaged in the process!

You might just be able to see on the right that the tab on the embossing folder is just resting on the left side of the feeder tray.

The A4 Sheena embossing folders now fit..

...and emboss!

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