Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Recycle and redecorate

I needed a box to store a set of acrylic paints so had a look around the house to see what I could use. This is what I found:


The taps had long since been fitted but I kept the box because I was sure that one day I would use it.

That day had just arrived! It was exactly the right size for the tubes of acrylic paints.

I went round all the edges with Copic marker W7
and then covered the box inside and out with papers from the Docrafts Papermania capsule collection by Jesse Edwards.

Finally I sealed everything with a coat of matte decoupage glue.

The paints enjoying their new home!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Be Happy

I was making a card background for my entry into Crafter's Companion's Floral Challenge at their Facebook page and decided to use a quotation for the focal point. Looking through some rub-ons that I have had for quite some time (a few years actually) I found this one:

The embossed background was created using Sheena Douglass' Water Lilies A4 embossing folder from the A Little Bit Oriental range and makes me think of the lotus flower, which in turn made me want to choose a quotation that reflects inner peace or spirituality.

I mounted the embossed background onto some glossy black card and was going to attach the finished panel to the front of a 6"x6" card but as I looked at it and tried to imagine who I would send it to I decided that it would make a good piece of wall art. An 8"x8" frame and some papers from the A Little Bit Oriental range and this is what I ended up with:

The frame had already been painted blue for a different project. I thought of painting it black but then realised that I don't actually have any black paint! The blue that is visible on the inside of the frame matches the blue of the koi carp paper that the panel is backed onto so it's not too bad....

Having cut the floral paper and stuck it to the frame I gave everything a good coat of Spray and Shine. The main panel was stuck to the backing paper with Stick and Spray so that it can be removed and replaced with panels using images from the A Little Bit Oriental stamp range. I'm thinking of doing one panel using the koi carp and another using the tree.

So here it is, my entry into April's Floral Challenge over at Crafter's Companion's Facebook page. The challenge is open until 30th April so there's still time to enter.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Metallic effect decorated box

When Sheena Douglass brought out her Oriental Birds embossing folder as part of the A Little Bit Oriental range one of the samples was a decorated wooden box. It looked absolutely fantastic so when I won the embossing folder recently I really wanted to have a go at decorating a box.

I didn't have a wooden box so I used a cardboard mâché one. The sample appeared to use black cardboard with the embossing folder. The embossed panels were then gilded with silver gilding wax. I didn't have black card or gilding wax so did it all slightly differently...

Here is my box.

I cut three pieces of white centura pearl card to 5"x7" and embossed them using the Oriental Birds embossing folder then I coated them with 2 layers of Black Soot distress ink. I covered the edges of the box with black soot and painted the inside of the box silver.

Having cut the panels, glued them to the box and left it to dry I then gave everything a final coat of Black Soot distress ink. Once dry I gave everything a liberal spray of Spray and Shine to seal the ink and glued edges.

The final effect in real life is of a metallic charcoal. The box lid is a bit tight because of the added thickness to the walls of the box but it can still be put on and removed.

It may be nothing like the original it was inspired by but that's half the fun of creating!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Using Sheena Douglass A4 embossing folders in the Grand Calibur

Last week I had a lovely surprise. This delivery from Crafter's companion!

It was a fantastic giveaway from Crafter's Inspiration issue 3 and I couldn't wait to use it - only one problem: the A4 embossing folders wouldn't fit in my Grand Calibur!

The reason was that the version of the Grand Calibur that I have has sides to its pull out feeder tray so that a sheet of A4 card etc just fits and there are side tabs on the Sheena embossing folders that make the A4 folders wider than A4.

Fortunately I vaguely remembered Sheena saying on Create and Craft that the tray could be removed so that the folders could be used. I looked for instructions and found that Create and Craft themselves provide instructions for the removal of the tray. Their newer machines with their own brand name on them don't have this problem as the new style of feeder tray does not have the sides to it.

I clamped the machine to a small table using the suction pad and pulled...and pulled...and pulled... The machine spun round on the table but the tray would not come out. Eventually my fingers hurt too much to tug any more so I got a screwdriver and levered each side slightly inwards (placing the screwdriver in the gap between the machine and the tray side). Yay! The tray was now out and neither the tray nor the machine were damaged in the process!

You might just be able to see on the right that the tab on the embossing folder is just resting on the left side of the feeder tray.

The A4 Sheena embossing folders now fit..

...and emboss!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Debbi Moore Easter Challenge

Debbi Moore Designs are running an Easter themed challenge over at http://debbimooredesigns.blogspot.co.uk. Entries can be accepted up until 18th April so there is still plenty of time to enter.

My entry is a (sort of) egg shaped gatefold card, which I made using the free papers that came with issue 8 of  'Bringing Inspiration to you' magazine.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Monochromatic challenge

I was just thinking that it was too late to come up with an entry for the monochromatic themed challenge over at Crafter's Companion when I remembered this notebook that I made a few weeks ago, using an image from the Frou Frou range. There's still a few hours left so check out the challenge at crafters companion monochromatic challenge

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Clean and Simple

Here is a notebook that I have made using the Bind-it-All and an image taken from the Crafter's Companion Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes by Beatrix Potter CD. I am entering it into this month's Crafter's Companion challenge, which is for any project made using the clean and simple (CAS) style.

The notebook was made using two pieces of  7"x9" card covered with white pearlescent paper. I printed the wording for the front cover onto pearlescent white paper before covering it and then sprayed both covers with Crafter's Companion Spray and Shine.

I used the image of Appley Dapply from the découpage section of the CD to decorate the front cover, going round the outside of the base image with a Spectrum Noir pen (BT1) before cutting it out.

I want to be able to use my notebook so I stuck each layer using extra strong double-sided tape. This way the image isn't too bulky and won't lift up or get bent while still giving me a good 3D effect. To help protect it I also sprayed each layer with Spray and Shine.